Republican for U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Clovis. Chyron: 'Benghazi'
His name's not Benghazi, he just likes talking about it on YouTube
I seem to remember that one of the Republican Party vows after the 2012 debacle was that they were going to try very hard to discourage batshit crazy people from running for things. I see that has not been going well.
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sam Clovis, a firebrand northwest Iowa conservative, says he believes many congressional Republicans want to impeach President Obama. The only thing standing in their way, Clovis said in an interview, is the color of the president's skin.

"I would say there are people in the House of Representatives right now that would very much like to take the opportunity to start the process," Clovis said of impeaching the nation's first African-American president. "And I think the reason that they're not is because they're concerned about the media."

In an interview with the Daily Times Herald, Clovis, who did not provide reasons for why the president would be vulnerable to impeachment, said the media would cover the issues surrounding such proceedings differently with a black president than a white one with the same record. [...]

He said the impeachment of President Bill Clinton didn't end well.

"Now we have a situation where race is thrown into the cards as well," Clovis said. "Whether we like it or not, race is an issue."

"Who did not provide reasons." Ha, I love it.

But really, Republicans, no need to be racist about this. If you super-duper think Obama has so overstepped the bounds of his not-George-Dubya-Bush office that he needs to be impeached over it, go for it. Unauthorized sex will get you impeached, and torture won't, and I'm pretty sure having a government functionary delay an administrative deadline for a new health insurance regulation is exactly the sort of oppression that civil wars are fought over.

Feel free to make this November's election a referendum on impeachment, too. Forget this nonsense about appearing moderate and not at all foamy at the mouthy, it just isn't the modern Republican style.

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