We all know the GOP is the party of Big Business.
   This one party has pushed through almost all the largest and most significant deregulation and dereform bills of the last few decades.
Just look at how they bent over backwards for Big Business.

Deregulated Airlines

Deregulated Railroads

Deregulated Trucking

Deregulated arms exports

Deregulated GMO crops

Deregulated meat and poultry inspection

Deregulated Energy Utilities

Deregulated the banking and financial industry again, and again, and again, and again

Deregulated Oil and Gas prices

Deregulated Telecommunications

Helped create the WTO and granted permanent low-tarrifs on Chinese products.

Cut capital gains taxes again and again

Pushed through NAFTA

  Oh, wait. I'm sorry.
I listed all stuff the Democrats did for Big Business.

How did I confuse the two?

Given the evidence, if you support deregulation of big business, low capital gains taxes, and free trade agreements, vote Democrat.
  Deregulation is a good thing for the economy, right?

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