Brandeis University can do what they hell they like but some of the background to Ayaan Hirisi comments justify them, if anyone should have the right to speak out it is her

Ali was raised in a strict Muslim family, but after surviving a civil war, genital mutilation, beatings and an arranged marriage, she renounced the faith in her 30s. She declined to comment this week to the Associated Press.
She has not become an evangelist of another religion her disgust lead her to become an atheist. For those of us that have seen the results of the religion in Africa her story is hardly surprising and for that matter her anger completely justified.

Sometimes it does feel as if we are at war with religious fundamentalists whatever their particular god happens to be, oppression is still oppression. The reason I mistrust religious organizations  is not because of their faith it is because of what they do [or cover up] in the name of their faith.

Where I differ is that I believe it is all religions and the reason whereas Ayaan targets one is because she suffered in its name, I am quite willing to lump fundamentalist Christians in the same boat. To my mind there is no difference in the end.

There comes a point in this circle of violence and oppression imposed upon women when being nice, forgiving and politically correct ends, and yes it can be termed as a war, a war of ideas.

The lord said though shalt not kill yet the old testament drips with blood spilt in his name. Saying one religion is more peaceful than another forgets the millions that have died both in their name and opposition.

Many religions preach peace and tolerance but from their fundamentalist believers there is little of either, just listen to the hate filled ravings and rantings of our homegrown talibangelicals.

Religious fundamentalism is a cancer and yes we should be at war with it, I'm tired of tiptoeing around this issue in case I might offend.

Religious intolerance is rife, violence and oppression of women by and in the name of many religions equally widespread, it is long past time to confront the reality.

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