It may sound counter intuitive, but have liberals ever considered financing a few Female Libertarian candidates? Libertarians hate the Kochs too. Female Libertarian candidates that support women's right to choose, and everyone's right to get paid seem like a natural match with the democratic platform.

"Democratic Party policies and programs rescued American business from total collapse from the fatal economic consequences of watered stock, unsound banks, useless and greedy holding companies, high tariff barriers, and predatory business practices, all of which prevailed under the last Republican administrations. Democratic policies have enabled the Federal Government to help all business, small and large, to achieve the highest rate of productivity, the widest domestic and world markets, and the largest profits in the history of the Nation." - Democratic Party Platform of 1952

Some things never change, huh? As an independent, it seems that there are a few candidates and coalitions that could take easily take seats away from republicans in states as demographics shift.  Otherwise, poor voter turnout could hammer our democracy in midterm elections.

If investments were made in certain important states, Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, and if a few female third party porcupines could find their way to office, it would promise that Cantor will have a impossible time carrying on; as the green, yellow and socialist parties would make it impossible for tea party politicians to form a collation.

Libertarian candidates have suffered too long  under the leadership of racist groups like John Birch, which was originally funded by the Koch brother's grandfather.  There are strong independent and third party candidates that could be found to replace republicans from the right that would also be supportive of bipartisanship.  

It is time to move to alternative transportation. Growing up the world, and lessening our dependence on fossil fuels and slave labor. Aelge can be turned into a biofuel, as an intermediary until solar cars are created.  There is no need to keep paying for a Koch addiction. Anyone who is truly behind smaller more sustainable government and free markets would be behind government supplying funds to diversify our fuel supply and keep our country out of further Oil Wars.

We need an anti-Koch Campaign.  The decimation of the tobacco companies is THE model to fight the Koch brothers.  Their byproducts cause cancer. States need to ban the storing of PetCoke in our waterways, and force the government to use anti trust laws against those attempting to bribe their way to the top.

This is the United States of America, Not the United Oligarchyof Koch.  If the Koch brothers want to decimate unions, then its time to unionize Koch's workers.  

"Don't Morn, Unionize." - Joe Hill

Since the 1940s, judicial and administrative decisions have weakened federal support for unions. Some local commentators attribute the  waning power of unions in Chicago to the vitiation of the NLRA. - Labor Law

My Father is a proud union man. Unions fed me. Sent me to college. Unions clothed me. Unions put a roof above my head.  Unions did that for me. What could a union do for you?  Cabbies in Chicago have been trying to unionize forever. They are owner operators.  Why can't they unionize and join the Chicago Teamsters ?

In Chicago, we need a new mayor who isn't going to gut pensions.  If we want to pay for state workers whose owed pensions have been embezzled from them by politicians, we should push for legalization of marijuana, instead of taking money away from those who've earned it by those who haven't.

"The school closings—like the shootings—are concentrated in areas with large populations of dropouts and ex-offenders who struggle to find legal work." In other words, Emmanuel is closing down schools, and not providing teachers for black kids in the south and west side of Chicago. "As of 2010, the City of Chicago has more police officers per 100,000 residents than any of the top four largest cities in the country.” - Chicago Justice Project.

Our city streets are dangerous. Our trains are off the rails.  There is a good plan to fix them, and create a spoke and wheel to end the isolation of neighborhoods, and allow workers to get to jobs.  But where is the 30 billion that it is going to cost to do it right going to come?  Perhaps if the mayor spent more time raising money for social services instead of his 6.2 million war chest, we'd have a functional city, not to mention 50 more schools for under-serviced neighborhoods.

Chicago's Rail connected areas are unserved as a city we cannot travel east to west with mass transit.  This is a problem.  Perhaps we can find federal funding from a president from Chicago.  We hope to attract college students and visitors.  If we want to fund pensions, we should do so with improved tourism numbers, not regressive taxes that slash the pensions of workers.  The Chicago pension fund has been mismanaged for years. "The problem is patronage, nepotism and cronyism.” - JR Flemming

"Chicago’s 2014 budget is a transitory one, and the city is collectively holding its breath to see if Mayor Emanuel’s dire promise of a Chicago that is drained of its middle-class residents will materialize if Springfield fails to reform an underfunded pension system."
All the same, the minor tweaks to both spending and taxation that Mayor Emanuel has put in place for this year do not encourage optimism that this budget is one that will benefit residents of the South Side. The debate, as argued, is now about how cuts should happen, rather than whether a smaller city government is justified in the first place—comfortable ground for Mayor Emanuel.

At a mechanic shop, I spoke to a Muslim man who explained to me what workers conditions are in countries that are not unionized.  He told me the story of his brother being killed in a factory, and having to work off the debt that the factory charge for the casket. He told me that is what america is supposed to be about. He wants a Union job, so he can feed his kids, and support his family in india. "I want a minimum wage to know how i'm going to save for the future" He said. "I want to get paid fairly, you know? I just want a fair shake."

I have medicaid.  I plan to go see a doctor for the first time in 10 years. Thanks Obama! I appreciate it. Honestly. For Millions of Americans in southern states, in places where Koch oil has polluted the drinking water of untold creeks and watersheds, and destroyed so much of our nation's resources, where the Koch Industries are outspending Unions 10-1 even 15-1 and the Racist Governor of Wisconsin is trying to take away voting rights, and Republican politicians are refusing to expand Medicaid, something needs to be done.  Americans are dying over political antics by Koch allies.

Obama’s reelection campaign, in turn, has targeted Koch Industries in response. In a letter asking supporters for money, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina charges Americans For Prosperity is a front for the Koch brothers energy interests. He even goes so far as to say that the company is inflating gas prices and trying to “destroy” Obama before election day.

Protesters in Wi. need to be supported, and Mary Burke given a national voice.  Wisconsin is the test kitchen for the United States of Koch.  That is what they want to protect.  that is two crazy old men's vision of the world.  They stole oil from Indian reservations. They wanted their fair share.  And they want their fare share of your soul too. We need to form alliances, and make stronger and new unions, or else, inherit the wind.

Thanks to Obama, we can now unionize workers without worrying about opposition from bosses.  We have healthcare.  ObamaCare is Working! We need allies.  If we want to appeal to independent voters like me, you need to support independent voters like me.  What about libertarians?  They have been supporting NORML, and now we have the right to our own bodies more than ever before.  What about to our souls?

Koch annually chooses artwork from his 400-strong collection to transport from his 40,000 square foot primary residence in Florida to the Cape Cod beach house. At a third of the size, the summer home accommodates only a careful selection. Thus, favorites such as enormous Fernando Botero sculptures, Alfred Stevens's engaging The Coquette, and much of the maritime collection (excluding over 120 boat models of every defender and challenger in the America's Cup), travel north while the majority of Koch's trove stays behind.(MJ)

Or shall we put the needle in our vein a little deeper?  Who killed the electric car? I think the Koch brothers did.  God dammit, I want my rocket pack!

Let's not descend into an oligarchy.  We need to get the word out about midterm elections, and find a new grand deal.  We have the technology, we can rebuild.  All it takes is dialogue.  We don't need a tea-party against democracy.  That has gone on long enough.  So, What about libertarians? the strapping young Muslim socialist that we voted for has stabilized the economy, given us ObamaCare even with Republican Obstructionism. Now he needs a strapping young new congress to work with to take the last two years, and make America productive instead of the party that cost the country 24 Billion with their grandstanding. We have midterm elections to win in order to turn our country around and take it back from the Koch brothers.

What You Can Do
Petition the SEC to End Secret Campaign Donations
Add your voice to the thousands calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to require all publicly traded corporations to disclose their campaign spending to the public. Today, corporate executives of publicly traded companies don’t have to tell the public, or even their shareholders, when they use corporate money to fund political campaigns. The Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Citizens United assumed a world in which informed citizens knew whose money was being used to influence an election. This SEC requirement is the bare minimum we should do to turn that assumption into a reality.

Get Your Member of Congress to Support the DISCLOSE Act
The DISCLOSE (Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections) Act would require organizations involved in political campaigning to disclose the identity of their large donors, and to reveal their identities in any political ads they fund. It would also bar foreign corporations, government contractors and certain other corporate recipients of federal aid from making political donations. Predictably, a long list of corporate and right-wing interests are allied against the bill, from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the American Conservative Union.
Help Build Support For A Constitutional Amendment Corporations are not people, and money is not speech.
What is obvious to all of us should be explicit in the United States Constitution. Organizations and concerned individuals around the country are laying the groundwork for a constitutional amendment this spring with a push for 100 resolutions by local and state governments supporting the overturning of Citizens United. You can join with such groups such as Move to Amend and Democracy Is For People to restore democracy to We, the People.


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