Participants in the Florida House page program pose for a group photo
Come back after we've decided your future, kids.
This isn't the first time this has happened. The Florida House is notoriously uptight when it comes to discussions on ladyparts:
During discussion of controversial issues on abortion and fetuses Wednesday, Republican leaders of Florida's Legislature sent all of the House's teenage pages out of the chamber, and they weren't allowed back in until debate opened on the next issue: guns.
It's all right if the young interns hear the gun debate because this is the state where you can shoot a young intern if that intern is walking in the wrong neighborhood while carrying Skittles—it's only fair that the kids get advance warning on these things. But having them around while people are debating what sorts of medical care those kids will be able to get in the future is right out because someone might say "uterus."
During yet another fractious abortion debate in 2011, Republican legislative leaders launched a vendetta against a Democratic colleague who'd used the word "uterus" on the House floor. A representative for then-House Speaker Dean Cannon confirmed to the media that "uterus" was "inappropriate" language for the younguns, pages included:
So to sum up—"Bleeding chest wound": Acceptable. "Uterus": Right Out.

That said, you probably don't want those poor kids getting their lessons about sex and reproduction from the Florida House of Representatives. God knows what they'd come home believing.

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