My son has a small carpet cleaning ( self employed) carpet cleaning business.  He earns less than 18,000 a year.
He had gotten in touch with an advocate because this is all just bull.   In 08 he had to fax papers regarding his relationship to the children he claims on his income tax.
They were his kids until we adopted and never a problem as we do not file taxes and since he lives in the same home ( attached garage apt) helps us here in the home, we do not file taxes as we do not have taxable income.....We explained the small rent, utilities included and his claiming the two children on EITC which is allowed PER THE IRS
rules as a legal brother.  We did this in 09.  For years these were his children.. Now they are legally his sisters ( which is allowed as long as they share the household and he provides for some expenses.

Now....this was all fine and good for 6 years until this year and the same thing came up and he again filed adoption papers, a letter from us, birth certificates and proof of residence.   We charge him 200.00 a month for living here in the garage.  Sometimes it gets paid.. sometimes not.   He went to his normal Jackson Hewitt place and this year
they froze his return....He even qualified for food stamps for himself half the year and Florida cut that off.  Now he has lost his van, no money for shampoo chemicals and even after getting an advocate they say even with birth certificates ..He has not established proof of relationship to the children...  WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!
Birth certificates... my name all over all of them including his and he is not their brother according to the IRS.  I can't talk to the advocate because all is computerized.
He can't get through and no tax refund..
Local IRS will not consult on what to do since an advocate is involved and they are holding a piddly 3000.00 and he is losing his business completely and now we are sinking because he is not bringing in 75 or 100 a week to help us.  

They wanted utility bills in his name which aren't ...His utilities are included in his monthly rent, but that was sent to them....The rent he pays and receipts.
He furnished his 1099 with invoices.
Birth certificates proving he is legal to claim two kids
Claimed no deductions on loss of business
and proof of residency.... They want kid's school records for three years?  WHY ?
I am madder than Hell because it directly affects us and the kids.

Any suggestions because he nor us can afford an attorney and the local IRS does not help with questions of return.. No one else claimed these two that he helps us with.

DUHHHH.. Some info would be appreciated !!!!   Now today... they claim via mail.. You have not established relationship to children
Never ever been a problem and when we need that return the most.. and instead of going after the damn 1 percent they have managed to put him out of work, out of vehicle and us on the edge....Suggestions please for any of your IRS folks in the know.

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