Here's something to brighten your day. Yesterday, "Porno Pete" LaBarbera of the SPLC-certified hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality showed up to give a "talk" at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. First, if you're not familiar with Porno Pete, you might be wondering how he earned such a name. Well, it has to do with the fact that he makes a hobby (because let's be honest, what he does is not a job) out of attending gay events such as the Folsom Street Fair and taking pictures of scantily-clad men. Which he analyzes, of course, in his dildo-strewn basement. Dan Savage explains more about Porno Pete here:

Anyway, Porno Pete appeared on campus to give a "talk" entitled "What 'Gay' Activists Don't Want You to Know."

Because yes, the best place to give a virulently anti-gay talk is on a community college campus full of millennials who overwhelmingly support full LGBT equality. Good call.

Well, Porno Pete must have thought he hit the bigot jackpot at Sinclair Community College. Because when he walked in, this is what he saw waiting for him:

And just when he got that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction...students and instructors got up and walked out en masse. Leaving...this:
Ain't that some shit?

Leave it to Porno Pete, though, to make himself a victim.

Looks like the big gay bullies have struck again! A hate group leader can't even give an anti-gay talk on a college campus anymore without students and instructors those big mean gay bullies making a scene!

I like this. More of this, please.

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