New York, New York, a Las Vegas hotel and casino
But it's so 'Murica.
Good luck with that.
Some of the heaviest hitters on the religious right are pressuring GOP leaders to cross off Las Vegas as a potential host city for its 2016 convention, warning that putting the next convention in Sin City will harm the party’s image and drive away supporters. [...]

Leaders from the religious right who have joined the effort include Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association; Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum; Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition; Paul Caprio, director of Family-PAC; and James Dobson, president of Family Talk ministry.

“The GOP is supposedly interested in reaching out to conservatives and evangelicals. Maybe that’s just a front, but if they really mean it this is not the way to do it,” Dobson said Tuesday. “Even though Vegas has tried to shore itself up and call itself family-friendly, it’s still a metaphor for decadence. There’s still 64 pages of escort services in the yellow pages. … You can’t have it both ways.”

Some poor intern had to somehow lay his or her hands on a Las Vegas telephone book in order to count how many pages of escort services there were.
Dallas and Las Vegas are widely viewed as front-runners. That’s because GOP leaders are putting a huge premium this year on a host city’s ability to raise $50 million or more without much fuss.
And if you make the family values crowd choose between Jesus and big fundraising opportunities, I think we all know how that will turn out. Vegas is also the home of one of the few genuinely important citizens in all of America, Sheldon Adelson, last seen in the center of a Republican presidential candidate orgy for attention. This is because he has vast sums of money due to his successful fleecing of customers in the gambling industry, but you won't be seeing too many conservative family-based organizations refusing to shake his hand.

Well, let's watch and see what happens. But I do hope these people know that for your average Republican convention-goer, having 64 pages worth of escort services in a city is considered a plus, not a minus.

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