I am one of the very fortunate working mothers who has a job with "flexibility."  I work from home for a fortune 50 company that has embraced a work at home culture.  I am truly grateful that I can start my day in my PJs without a shower right after the kids get on the bus.  I appreciate that when I have work demands that extend beyond the traditional work day, I can take a break, cook dinner, clean up, help with homework, put my kids to bed and then finish up in the evening while they sleep.  I'm able to block time into my schedule for occasional doctor and dentist appointments when needed.  I am without a hint of sarcasm appreciative that my company has granted me this flexibility.  

But, this isn't a part time job.  I work full time and beyond every day, nights and weekends included.  Sometimes I feel I am less "with" my family since work is always in the other room just calling to me.  The "flexibility" is something that my whole family values, but that my work is completed on a schedule that accommodates me in no way lessens the value of what I do for the company.  The idea that flexibility is a reason for me to be paid less is patently insane.  Flexibility does not mean working fewer hours, it means being able to pick kids up before day care closes and then getting right back to work when you are done.  And the last time I looked, plenty of the men I work with have to pick kids up from day care as well.  

I'm all for flexibility in that it has allowed me to stay full time in the workforce, but it doesn't change the value of the work I do for my employer.


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