I was driving to my girlfriends house last September. It was a hot late afternoon and there were University of Wisconsin students hanging around in downtown Madison. I stopped at a red light where there were a lot of students hanging out on the corner. I was in the slow lane right next to them. I noticed a heavy set young man dressed in a UW T shirt and shorts drop a handful of change right next to my car. He proceeded to step into the curb area, turned his back to me and bent over to pick up his change.
     His shorts were pulled way down and I could see a white quivery butt that reminded me of a jello-ey full moon. I could tell by the way he kept waving it around in my window and the laughter from the people around him that it was an intentional mooning. Immediately I lowered my window, reached out and dropped a quarter in his ass crack. The laughter then turned to hysterical howls. He stood back up and looked at me just as the light turned green. I grinned, winked at him, and sped away.
     True story - really happened.


If someone had pulled on his dong then, what would have dropped out of his shorts

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