Wooksburra, PA: John Thomas "Jack" Rabbit, aka "The Easter Bunny" was arrested on Friday in a sting operation in Pennsylvania while allegedly attempting to buy counterfeit Cadbury eggs from what he thought was a ClausCo representative. Federal prosecutors feel that they can prove his involvement in the 2008 Santa Claus copyright infringement, piracy, and human trafficking case which led to Santa's detainment in the Hague for several months in 2009. The World Court was unable to make the case and Santa was released. It is believed he continued to run human trafficking rackets out of Southeast Asia and is still purchasing and distributing pirated music, software and games from his contacts in North Korea.

The Wooksburra Informer-Daily News reported this yesterday:

Wooksburra, PA. Late on Friday, Circuit Court Judge Nathan Woodbury ordered the detention of John T. "Jack" Rabbit, aka, "The Easter Bunny" as a prime witness in the 6 year old case against Santa Claus. Santa, who was released from his detention in the Hague in 2009 after the International Court was unable to convict him on charges of intellectual theft, internet piracy, and human trafficking, has continued to use slave labor and Jack Rabbit is willing to turn State's Evidence on him, sources say.

The Easter Bunny was arrested on Friday on charges of criminal conspiracy and racketeering and faces RICO charges, according to the court. In exchange for testimony, so that millions of kids will get their Easter baskets next week, Judge Woodbury has allowed him out on 15 million dollars bail, bonded by his cousins Peter and Snedly "Energizer" Bunny.

The 6 year old case against Santa is expected to proceed after the plea bargain. There is no word about whether or not Christmas will happen this year.

UPDATE: Santa has been released on 22 million dollars bail after having been placed under arrest by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at his summer home in the Yukon Territory, and the Easter Bunny is wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet, to allow him to deliver his Easter baskets. He is expected to take a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony against the ClausCo racket and then testify against Chris Christie in the George Washington Bridge scandal. According to Jack Rabbit's attorneys, he was involved in the bridge closure and may have posed as the pet bunny to Bill Stepien. It is now known that the Easter Bunny was helped into hiding by Punxsutawney Phil.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

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