My cousin is a great guy. Starting with a (mediocre) high school education, he spent 20+ years in the Air Force, while getting a business degree at night. He bought into a small business, and has made that a success. He's also very active in church and community, and does a lot of good for a lot of people.

That said, he's very conservative, and has had nothing good to say about Obama in general, and the ACA in particular...until now.

My wife and I had lunch with my cousin and his wife yesterday, and they passed along some good news. His wife's brother, early 50's,  managed to get Hep. C from a contaminated transfusion a dozen or so years ago, and has been totally uninsurable ever since. He hasn't been to a doctor in more than 10 years. He just got covered under the ACA, and began getting treatment. Instantly burned through his $2,000 deductible, but that's good, because he's actually getting medical care.

I don't know that this will suddenly convert my cousin into a Democrat, but he's had to concede that, at least for his family, the ACA has been a good thing.

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