Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington October 15, 2013. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
Pssst.... she's not really a moderate. Pass it along.
Republicans are back home now, trying to keep their constituents whipped up against Obamacare to carry them through November. That's a much bigger problem for them, now that many of their constituents are actually benefiting from the law.

You've got the regrets:

"That's why Sept. 30, Oct. 1 was a critical time," said Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, who led a push for House leadership to defund the law just before sign-ups began last fall. "Now, with some people getting subsidies, it is very difficult to take that away."
Not to say that Meadows wouldn't keep trying to take it away. Then there's the backtracking tack taken by people like the supposedly moderate Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME):
"I've never said the Obamacare law would not have some benefits to some people. […] But I have heard from countless individuals and small businesses who have seen huge premium hikes as a result of the law."
So, you oppose the law why, exactly Sen. Collins? When you knew it would benefit some of your own constituents? And yes, please give us the evidence that disproves the CBO's conclusion that premiums are not experiencing "huge hikes." But all in all, Collins is more truthful than these guys:
"Are they truly benefiting?" asked Rep. John Mica of Florida. "I don't know that."
Is having health insurance really better than not having health insurance? There's just no way to know.
Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California is pushing a different message. His constituents "would benefit from a policy that would focus the efforts on the uninsurable," he said, adding, "We have plans for that."
What's that, Rep. LaMalfa? You have a plan for that? It must be one of those secret plans, because any kind of real Republican plan to help the "uninsurable" sure hasn't seen the light of day.

Support for the law is increasing and opposition shrinking, a trend that's likely to continue up until November. Republicans might be able to keep their hardcore base motivated with their repeal message, but they're sure not going to be able to grow that base. So, yeah, GOP. Keep on running on how awful Obamacare is. Your newly insured constituents will surely appreciate that.

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