What benefits there are to being a victim! The right-wing Hollywood group “Friends of Abe,” which recently bullied the IRS into giving it non-deserved tax-exempt status by playing the “victim” card while gaming the system (http://www.rawstory.com/...), is going to be partying it up at CBS Studio Center (the network’s lot in Studio City, CA) on Saturday April 19th at 7pm for an event with FNC “pundit” Greg Gutfeld. The “Friends of Abe” claim that there’s a blacklist against them in the entertainment industry, so how odd that they’re holding their shindig on the lot at CBS. Such a “blacklist!”

The event will take place at the studio commissary, “Carla’s Café,” http://www.cbssc.com/.... Venue operator Jesus Hernandez confirmed this to me today (as “Friends of Abe” fancies itself a “secret” organization, the event is listed as the “Greg Gutfeld event”).

Wow, what an AMAZING blacklist! Partying it up on the lot at a major TV network. I’ll bet the Hollywood Ten wish they had been blacklisted in such style! Kudos to Friends of Abe founders Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood, Patricia Heaton, and Kelsey Grammer for showing us what TRUE victimization really looks like.


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