In 1993 Verizon promised New Jersey they would give 45mbps access to the state.

Well Verizon is short on their goal.

So instead of increasing their efforts Verizon found it to be cheaper to pretend there is a groundswell of support for letting them off the hook for not finsing the job they were paid to do.

Now we’re back to the present day, where the legal back-and-forth between Verizon and New Jersey hit the public comment stage last month. In order to bolster their claims, Verizon went and found a whole lot of public to make comments in their favor. 418 identical pro-Verizon e-mails were sent to the utility board between March 22 and March 24, and 315 copies of a second form e-mail claiming to be from Verizon employees were sent on March 19 and 20.

In total, Ars reports, at least 792 form comments were submitted on Verizon’s behalf in the span of a couple weeks. And while that would be one thing if Verizon really did get happy customers or gung-ho employees to send the letters… it seems they didn’t.

Ars Technica picked some e-mail addresses from the list to spot-check against. Some were invalid and received bounce-backs. One was a Verizon customer who was shocked to find that “he” had sent the message at all:

“I am a customer only to Verizon and I was not contacted by them to submit anything,” the person told Ars. “If they did, I would’ve slammed them. They are gougers. If AT&T was where I lived, I would switch in a heart beat.”

When this customer was shown the e-mail he allegedly sent to state officials, he said, “That would mean someone did it on my behalf. I can assure you that I did not send that response.”

Broadband news site Stop The Cap also tried to contact the supposed Verizon supporters and found much the same problem. Of the 150 e-mail addresses they tried, 35 were invalid. So they contacted another 35, and a dozen of those werealso invalid. Of the remainder, many were Verizon employees or retired Verizon employees. One was a lawyer who represents Verizon (and did not disclose it). Five had “no idea what we were talking about” and claimed they never sent any e-mails either for or against Verizon.

Isn't using someone elses email address like that illegal?

Oh I forgot this isn't some poor Black child so I doubt there will be anything Verizon does that will be considered illegal.

I would suggest if you are Verizon customers to check to see if your email was stolen by Verizon.

I doubt this was their first time trying this trick.


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