Ericlewis0 refers us today to Dana Perino's graceless comment that the President is a Steve Martin movie character.  Dana and her "Five" buddies at Fox are shocked and saddened that President Obama would not just announce the 8 million sign-ups.  No -- The President had to "spike the football" by daring to call out Republicans for trying to kill the law 50 times -- not to mention attempting to sabotaging it through misinformation and murderously refusing Medicaid expansion.

Clearly, Dana et al. need some serious exposure therapy through repeated viewings of Luther, Key and Peele's Obama Anger Translator:

As Luther so succinctly puts it:

We're gonna pass healthcare again. Now what, bitches?
By repeated exposure to these skits, Dana et al. will realize that they should be happy with the President's mild mannered statement of facts about the GOP's scandalous attempted sabotage of healthcare.

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