Good morning and welcome to DKos Adheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread where we try to get together every Saturday morning around eleven, and then drift in and out throughout the day. We hope this group serves to reinvigorate us locally and regionally here on Daily Kos, building on the sense of community that's grown through our online engagement. DKos Asheville can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who these people are that we stand with, work with, and share with in the political process. We hope, through this community, that we can do a better job of leveraging our orange passion for progressive politics to help elect more and better Democrats.

If you would like to host a weekly open thread, please let us know.

Election day is May 6, just seventeen days from now, for the primary in North Carolina. Early voting begins April 24. Please mark your calendar.

Early voting locations, dates, and times for Buncombe County are here.

Sample ballots for Buncombe County are here.

The North Carolina voter lookup search tool is here.  You can find the sample ballot for your specific precinct here as well as your election day voting location and other useful information.

DKos Asheville is excited about hosting our fifth meet up since our inaugural gathering on 4/20/13. This event promises to be more of a social meeting with less speakers and structure. We do have a concise voter registration workshop planned with some great information for guests to take home. Hopefully we can inspire and encourage and give tools to everyone so they can find more voters.

We will be back at The Bywater this time on Saturday, May 3rd at 1:00 pm EDT and hopefully the weather will accommodate a lovely riverside gathering with flowers galore and a gentle warm breeze. But bring your gear, you never know what early May in the mountains might bring.

I just finished name tags for everyone who has RSVP'd, hope you like them. OS's Pic is my favorite.


If anyone is planning to attend but hasn't yet RSVP'd, please let me know soon so I can make you one of these cool collector's lanyards.

Below is a collection of some of the food and shwagg our wonderful Gordon20024 has put together. Oh and a flower just to remind you it IS Spring!


Let us connect, unite around projects and ideas, and act by getting more voters to the polls so we can keep the Senate and take back the House.

I'm fired up, hope you are too. And yes you will see some of this action at the meet up! Hot, hot, hot!


And as a reminder, we now have a google group for DKos Asheville, setup for the purpose of making it easier for us to send messages to group members.  We'll use it to send reminders of the Saturday open threads, meetups, voter registration events, etc.  If you would like to be added to the google group, kosmail me an email address and I will send you an invite.  Note, this is a private group and your email address will not be public.  Remember to check your email for the google invite.


Enjoy your day!


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