My birthday was a most excellent day off.

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The major event was getting my hair cut, but I did enjoy the day.

I got up at my usual weekday time (5:30 AM) and did two loads of laundry before taking myself out to breakfast.  I had to do laundry if I wanted anything clean to wear, and my daughter (who lives above the laundry room) wouldn't complain about noises coming from it since, if she's where she could hear any noise from the basement, she's up anyway.

I went to Sanborn's, which I have mentioned many times here.  I was the very first customer to arrive, and the only one for about 20 minutes.  I spent a considerable amount of the time I was there watching the traffic going by - there are reasons I usually go in to work half an hour early.  

I had the rhubarb German pancake (delicious, as always), and my coffee was on the house since it was my birthday, I was by myself, and they know me there.  The waiter, as he was clearing the table, managed to knock the glass of water over.  Most of what landed on me went into one shoe and I managed to dump it out, but the poor guy was soooo embarrassed.  I haven't laughed that hard in a couple of months at least.

I went back home for a while and then drove downtown.  I parked across from the library (an amazingly central spot for Portland downtown), and spent a pleasant hour there.  Then I started walking to where I was going to get my haircut.  I stopped by Pinkham's Millinery (where I got most of my hats) and heard all about the increasing prices of all her materials.  I told Dana that this time I was going to insist on paying for the elastics since it had been years since I'd bought anything from her (I got 10 for $5 - the price has gone way up).  As I was leaving to continue to my hair appointment, she thanked me for buying her breakfast.

The guy I had been going to for many years for my hair has left town - I'm told he went back to his native Texas.  The lady who cut my hair this time made it easy for me to tell her what I wanted by having a very similar cut.  She started procedures by whacking off everything below my shoulders - 7 inches of hair (she showed me the measurement).  I don't think it had ever been that long before in my life.  I do like the results.

I walked back to where I had parked, stopping on the way at a specialty store that stocks Italian products - I bought a package of chestnut flour.  Then I went home and didn't do much for the rest of the day.  My buddy downbuilding brought me a gift certificate for Sanborn's and a really silly birthday card.

I got a LOT of chocolate cake at work on Friday - everybody knew why I took Thursday off.  And, since I clocked in half an hour early, I only needed to use half an hour of sick time to leave early.  My mother's train arrived about 10 minutes early - I had barely finished feeding the parking meter when people started coming out the doors of the train station.  I think she must have been going out one door while I was going in the other because when I started back out after being told the train had already arrived, there she was.

My daughter made chicken pot pie for dinner.  It was most excellent pie.  She also entertained us by putting on Frozen.  It was a good movie - I had no difficulty understanding why pretty much everybody likes it.

Breakfast Saturday was at Sanborn's again.  Do you get the idea we REALLY like the place?  My grandson has a juicy cold so the kids didn't go along when my daughter ran my mother to the train station to continue her trip.  He pitched a fit over going anywhere, but I got both kids to my place, and once we arrived he was fine.  My granddaughter cleaned the cat box and we finished "Talking to Dragons".  I have another book with a couple of Enchanted Forest short stories, and we're going to read those before we do the rest of the Enchanted Forest books.

We have no Easter plans, but my granddaughter is with a work friend of my daughter's (who also lives in the complex).  The friend is roughly my age and has several grandkids and grandnieces and -nephews in town.  I think a church service and Easter Egg hunt are involved.

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