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I won't lie, this is hard for me. I've done something similar once before, but this is, looking back, much more important. I'm crap at this sort of pitch, so I'll just get to it.

There are some people I've worked with before who have been busting their asses to get this important project off the ground and I want to do what I can to help them set up a new view of Native Americans. So please, please take the time to drop a few dollars in their jar. I hope that I see more than one of you at this year's Netroots Nation, or around town, sporting one of the shirts.

More about the project on the other side of the twisty orange.

The first thing I can say about the people involved in this is that they are some of the most legit and hard working artists I've ever met. They've been active in the art and music scene in Santa Fe for at least half a decade. Working with local art collectives, and putting on some great music shows in a town that severely needs it. But most importantly, they've been making great art for quite a while. These are folks who have come from the native community and continue to support the native community.

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