Like clockwork, there are certain agents provocateurs among us who will write broad-brush mockings of Christians at Christian holidays. I'm used to it: heck, I've been here a while. I know the drill.

Now, not all atheists on Daily Kos are nasty, and I enjoy engaging with some atheist diarists. Some, however, just love to poke you in the eye.

So here's my challenge for anyone who wishes to take me up on it: write a screed against Jewish people and Passover. Write a screed against Eid or Ramadan. Write me a diary mocking Dr. King or Bishop Robinson because of their religious beliefs, or against Dorothy Day or Peter Maurin, the founders of the Catholic Worker Movement and prominent social justice activists.

There are some very obnoxious "Christians", that is clear. However, not ALL religious people are right-wing or nuts.

Take me up on it. I want to see ONE atheist diary mocking Jewish people. After all, they are "Ghost-Worshipers" too.

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