The Easter Sunday, and Holy Week, as it is called by many, serves as an affirmation of belief for Christians, both in terms of resurrection and salvation.  In theory, at least, it is a time for one to re-dedicate his or her life to the emulation of Jesus Christ, and his teachings.  Christians have been told for centuries that Jesus died to save their souls, when in reality, Jesus was put to death for having the audacity to question authority, pursue justice, and encourage compassion.

Lately, I have come to believe that Jesus Christ's sacrifice was in vain.  After two thousand years of religious institutions propagating his message, the proof is in the pudding:

1.  The moneychangers are still in the temple
2.  The poor are reviled by the wealthy
3.  Those persecuted in the name of righteousness are hardly blessed
4.  The meek are not inheriting anything
5.  Whiplash is pandemic from turning of cheeks
6.  We render unto the Koch Brothers.....

Don't hold your breath....

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