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Most people who hang around this group know about the DK VA Hospital Service Project where Sara R and her sister are working to get every person in the Detroit VA Hospital nursing home a quilt of their own. It is a large project as over 60 quilts are needed. NormAl and I have promised two quilts. But the VA service project isn't the only place you can donate your quilting skills.  Follow me below the orange squiggle for more.

First the DK VA Hospital Service Project. Imagine having served your country and are now living in a nursing home. You would likely feel a bit neglected, a bit forgotten. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly got a lovely quilt made especially for you!! The thrill of a hand made gift! You could make this happen.  NormAl has never quilted and he is making one.  Granted I have moved up to experienced beginner and he has me to help him, but if you can sew a straight seam you can make one of the quilts.  The quilt we did last year (in only 3 weeks) is below. Very basic, but still something I'm sure is being treasured as a hand made gift.  These are just 6.5" blocks with a color palette of greens and brown and a nature theme.  I normally take a long time to do a quilt. Doing one that fast meant I didn't bind it; I just sewed around 3 +3/4 edges turned right side and top stitched.

Finished VA Quilt photo FinishedQuilt_zps34f68072.jpg

Here is another very basic quilt I made for a baby shower -- alternating 9 patch with solid blocks. In this case I embroidered a heart in the solid blocks with variegated thread.

baby quilt photo P1010161_zps31245754.jpg

Here is what we are planning for NormAl to do for his quilt: I ordered two packages of charm blocks -- they are all cut to 5" in a nautical theme with sailing boats, whales, fishing gear, etc. He will sew the 5" blocks to a 2" sash (fabric 2" X 5"). This is very straight forward sewing. We will add a sash to the top and bottom of each block and add a border or two and it is done.

I am making a quilt with Dash Churn blocks. The first block is shown below.  I tried out several of the blocks that trkingmome has profiled in her Sampler Quilt along (Thank you, trkingmome!) and liked this one best.

 photo Quiltblocktrial_zps731cf91d.jpg

But quilting for good causes doesn't stop with DK projects. The quilts for the VA hospital are larger, but you might consider quilts or quilted projects for other charitable causes. I just finished a book bag for a silent auction for the local wild animal rehab facility.

Babies Gone Wild book bag photo BookbadBabiesGoneWild_zps6e7165a4.jpg

There is already some discussion and rivalry online over who is going to get it.  

Sara R and her sister do community quilts for members of the DK community.  

What are some charitable quilt projects that you have done?  Do you have pics of your DK VA Hospital quilt for inspiration for all of us?


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