.      I ran this last year and couldn't resist running it again.

    About 15 years ago my brother introduced me to the comedian Eddie Izzard and his take on Jesus, Easter, Christmas  (Five go-old rings), The Last Supper (The Big Arms Thing).  Eddie knows his stuff.

    This bit is from his very early show, Dress to Kill, when he was in full transvestite mode.  He's toned it down a bit in recent years, appearing in mainstream movies like Ocean's 13, but I'll always have a soft spot for early Eddie in full makeup and heels, proudly stating that he is an "executive transvestite" in a French accent.

   I was lucky enough to see him in Chicago on his Circle tour (2000) and Sexie (2003).  He's erudite and witty, interspersing his knowledge of history and geography with bits in French and German--and so funny your sides hurt.

    My favorite is his bit about Easter eggs. So if you are asked by children, or anyone, about the connection between chocolate eggs and the religious holiday, give them Eddie's explanation.  If they are skeptical shrug your shoulders, give them Eddie's wide eyes and say Well, you tell me!

     Over the years I've found its a great response to a lot of unknowable issues.


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