Sunday was Easter, and we had weekend guests, including my little nephews. Weeks ago, I bought a box of egg dye, intending to do the usual thing: buy several dozen white eggs, hard-boil them, allow the kids to dunk them in the dyes until they got bored (doesn't take long), and then be stuck with a giant pile of hard-boiled eggs.

Then I was in a craft store (definitely not Hobby Lobby!) and I noticed they had large, unfinished wooden eggs. I bought all they had left, which turned out to be ten, two of them larger than the others. I got out my acrylic paints, primed the eggs with a coat or two of Titanium White, and then on Saturday afternoon I put out the eggs, my paints, a bunch of brushes and sponge "brushes", and some water and paper towels, and let everyone decorate their eggs. Oh, I had some glitter too, left over from some theater props I made last year, so that was also available.

Here's the whole platter of finished work; more views below the orange Easter grass.

painted wooden eggs

Yes, my friend the artist won Easter with her adorable bird. She was also the genius who produced the tie-dyed effect without tying a single knot.
tie dye egg 1egg painted as birdtie dye egg 2

metallic egg 1metallic egg 2

My younger nephew was very much taken with the metallic paints. I think I need a new tube of silver.  ;)
The older one got all abstract with it.
abstract egg 1

abstract egg 2

Not a bad assortment, I'd say! Everyone got a chance to play with paint, and I don't have to make a single bit of egg salad unless I really want some.

egg platter 1

egg platter 2

Did everyone have a nice weekend, regardless of your relationship to any holiday?

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