RNC Chair Reince Priebus at CPAC 2013.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is mad at Senate Majority Harry Reid—so mad that he's asking the Senate Ethics Committee to open an investigation into Reid's use of Twitter. Seriously:

“Here is the problem: Harry Reid is so dirty and so unethical that some of these things have to happen,” Priebus asserted. “You have to put a marker down and say, ‘Wait a second. You are not going to use a taxpayer web site and a taxpayer Twitter account to attack Republicans.’”
Apparently, it's tweets like this that have Priebus so upset:
Many Republican senators might as well wear Koch insignias to denote their sponsorship. http://t.co/...
Yup. You're reading that tweet right. Harry Reid used social media to link Senate Republicans to the Koch Brothers. Or, as Reince might put it, in an astonishing and brazen act of lawlessness, the majority leader of the United States Senate dared to connect Republican senators with the brothers who are bankrolling their campaign. In Reince's words:
“But now he’s crossed a line in regard to the law, and we have to bring it out. And I think that’s our job to do it.”
In other words, just in case you thought Reince was simply getting a little oversensitive about having his party linked to the billionaires trying to buy the 2014 election on the GOP's behalf, that has nothing to do with it: Reince is simply trying to uphold the rule of law.

Except if that's true, then why isn't Reince outraged at House Speaker John Boehner for sending out tweets like this:

Repealing #ObamaCare’s 30-hr mandate one of many bills #4jobs waiting in Dem-led Senate: http://t.co/...
And this:
Top Senate Dem is “quietly pushing” to bring back earmarks. http://t.co/...
The answer is obvious: Reince doesn't believe a word he's saying about Reid's twitter feed, but he's so eager to avoid talking about the GOP's Koch addiction that he's willing to throw anything within reach at the wall, because hey, maybe it'll stick.

11:17 AM PT: As if to put an exclamation point on Reince's idiocy, Speaker Boehner's "taxpayer Twitter account" weighs on on who is "winning at Twitter in 2014":

From @washingtonpost: http://t.co/... “Congressional Republicans are winning at Twitter in 2014”

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