Did anyone else watch the bloated-on-his-own-self-regard George Will pompous it up on Tuesday’s Colbert Report? In case you're a masochist...


There to plug his latest “I love baseball so I’m really just a reg’lar fellow” book, Will launched into chains of supposedly linked facts to “prove” (oh, tongue in cheek of course) The Chicago Cubs won the Cold War. (Beginning with Ronald Reagan going west to cover the Cubs’ spring training where he was discovered by Hollywood, yadda yadda…)

In his spouting of obscure trivia of days gone by Will reminded me of a character from one of my favorite comedies, Joseph Finsbury in The Wrong Box. Finsbury is a crashing bore who can, at the slightest provocation, launch into an endless litany of meaningless facts he’s accumulated over the years until whomever's trapped listening to him is grinding their teeth. (I highly recommend catching this film by the way - http://en.wikipedia.org/... )

Will reached heights/depths of fatuousness when he smugly referred to liberals – not conservatives – as people who would prefer that things never change, citing Social Security as an example. (“Do you drive a 1935 car? Do you watch a 1935 television?”)

The fraudulent comparison momentarily shocked Colbert out of his O’Reillyan pundit persona. Will didn’t deign to mention what new model “television” or “car” he’d replace Social Security with, but it’s a safe bet it involves “privatizing” it, the better to let the banksters get their greedy mitts on old folks’ money. (And as a liberal, George you asshole, no I don’t want to see Social Security remain identical to its 1935 version – I think the $113,700 salary ceiling should be lifted so that those doing better (like you, for example George) pay their fair share into the system.

Thankfully, Colbert did shame Will into total silence when at segment’s end he picked up and ran with Mr. Know-it-all’s Reagan comparison: “by the same logic, the Chicago Cubs are responsible for selling arms to Iran.” Will could only nod his head and bow in submission. Stephen, I will so miss you when you go off to CBS…

Originally posted to The Miscweant on Thu Apr 24, 2014 at 05:51 AM PDT.

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