Yet more evidence that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is a lame troll:

Retweet & Sign http://t.co/... Tell @BarackObama that jobs & energy security are more important than politics & a billionaire donor
Um, Reince, if you're going to feign outrage against Tom Steyer and President Obama's approach to Keystone XL, you're going to need to do better than that.
  1. If the president were making a purely political decision, he'd approve Keystone and do it before the election—the fact that he hasn't done so is a reflection of his policy views.
  2. If Reince wants to claim he's outraged over billionaires spending money in politics, then he probably shouldn't do it just 24 hours after alleging Harry Reid was breaking the law for tweeting about the Koch Brothers and the GOP.
  3. And if Reince really wants to get rid of billionaire influence in politics, then why is it that under his leadership the GOP has systematically pushed to rollback campaign contribution limits, including coming out in favor of banning campaign contribution caps altogether?

If Reince truly wanted to help return democracy to the public, he'd find an eager partner in the Democratic Party, which is eager to support new disclosure rules and to find new ways to limit the outsize influence of big donors. But he doesn't want that—instead, he wants Democrats to tie one arm behind their back while the GOP goes to town with the Kochs. Well, sorry Reince. It ain't gonna' happen that way.

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