As we all probably know, the two things currently considered certain for our lives in America are Death & Taxes, and if the American GOP at large should attain wish fulfillment, Death may survive as our only certainty, or will it absolutely have to?

A research study which I encountered in my readings today is entitled:
 Somatic mutations found in the healthy blood compartment of a 115-yr-old woman demonstrate oligoclonal hematopoiesis by Henne Holstege et al.at Genome Res. April 23, 2014

€Intimates that, by simply drawing and preserving blood at an individual'™s birth or during early life years, and injecting that blood back into the person in advanced years, this could be a procedure for lengthening life span.
                                                                                                                                     It also suggests to me that if the freezing is opted for, by a massive amount of humanity, that the cost of freezing to the individual could decrease to a point wherein such long term storage could become an affordable expense.

As is found in my experience, and what occurs in so many research publications, this one has the seemingly inevitable statement that,€œ"Further Study is Needed"€. Heed to this must be noted.

Further, in regard to the above referenced study, it is my understanding that an individual'™s aging, at least as it occurred in this 115 y.o. woman, seemingly leads to depletion of stem cells. She also had shortening of her Telomeres which is information that is not new to this study. The infused stem cells would be substantially free of mutations and have full-length telomeres.                      

The freezing, of early in life blood and its later in life transfusion back to the individual, as I see it, could be an interim measure until the artificial production of new stem cells, to replace the individual’s old stem cells, which have become depleted, can be successfully accomplished...

...and so, Death possibly defeated and life going on. If so, I have to wonder however if it can be infinitely so?

PS: The study also noted that she possessed "€œ crystal-clear cognition until she was close to death "€.

Heck, until this all gets properly sorted out by further study, I could as easily go with just the cognition bit myself.



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