In the interest of giving equal time to the other side, I present some of the 1-star reviewers of Piketty's book:

"History has proven, again and again, that such people are not only wrong on the facts, but completely diabolical."

"...both Piketty and Krugman are amateurs"

"Cuba/Venezuela's recipe."

"That is why we must always defend our Constitution and the freedom that brave patriots fought and died for."


"He belongs in the heap of child molesters in my book."

"Only uneducated ignorant people would like this"

"More hypocrasy from the lefist, socialist, French"

"To bad they turn their backs on the truth and worship this garbage."

"The only people who would like this trash is liberals"

"Piketty can go to H&ll as can Marx, Lenin, Obama, etc."

"This book could have been written in one sentence. 'Make everyone poor so we can all be equally miserable.'"

"If Liberals weren't so dangerous to America we could just continue to LAUGH at them."

"Not worth reading post kindergarten."

"You want to fail, read this book!! I would not waste my money or my time on this book! I saved you from both!"

"Don't waste your time, this is pure Marxist leftwing garbage. Income inequality BS."

You are encouraged to read the entire reviews.  These are just the headings.



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