I find myself writing far too frequently about dangerous bigots who, with stunning viciousness, oppose equality. Even though it is important to shine a light on the dark underbelly of hate, it gets exhausting. Today I'm taking a break from it to share a small moment of goodness that made me smile right down to my soul.

Below is a video taken by Will Wrench of his partner's Grandpa Frank getting a tattoo.

From the YouTube description:

Watch as my partner Joe's almost 80-year old Grandfather gets tattoed to show his support for gay rights. About a month ago, Joe got an equal sign tattoo in support of human equality, and Grandpa Frank wanted to show his love and support, too. The world is really blessed to have people like Frank, who not only love unconditionally, but also accept everyone for who they are. Please enjoy the video, and be sure to share so everyone can see what a great Grandpa Joe has!

Transcript highlights:

Maddox the Tattoo Dude: So what made you want to come in and get tattooed today?

Grandpa Frank: Well I wanted to support my grandson. He's gay. I think it's important that we show support for him.

MTD: How long have you been talking about doing this?

Grandpa Frank: Actually, my grandson came out to me first. He thought it was a big deal and I said I didn't think it was. I thought it was fine, you know.

: So how long ago did that happen?

Grandpa Frank: Well Joe, how long has it been?

Joe: Five years.

Grandpa Frank
: It's been five years. And the whole family supported him immediately.

MTD: That's awesome. That's probably one of the best feelings in the world.

Faceless Cool Family Member
: So what kind of tattoo are you getting?

Grandpa Frank
: It's an equal sign, for equality.

MTD: How's it feeling? Not too bad?

Grandpa Frank: Well actually, this pain is nothing compared to what my grandson went through when he first came out. That had to be traumatic and I felt bad, but then for the whole family to come together and support him ... it was just fantastic.

In the video, Faceless Cool Family Member goes on to inform us that the whole family will be hitting up Maddox the Tattoo Dude for their own equality tattoo. That Grandpa Frank, the senior family member led the way, well, I'm all kinds of touched by that act.

Here's to the Grandpa Franks of the world. Without them, it would be a far darker place.

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