The news on the Affordable Care Act just keeps getting better.  

Democracy Corps polling in battleground house districts shows the new health care law now officially popular in bluish districts, and just below even in reddish districts.

Just saw this on Huffpo and wanted to share:

Here are the poll choices:

Implement and Fix
Repeal and Replace.

The poll also breaks out the law-goes-to-far opposition from the doesn't-go-far-enough crowd.  And the news there is just as good.

Now the delicious numbers.  The figures in () are from Democracy Corps' December numbers.

Implement and Fix: 52 (49)
Repeal and Replace: 42 (45)

In all Republican districts:
Goes too far:  43 (48)
Favor the Law: 41
Doesn't go far enough: 9

In Republican held, likely to flip districts:
Implement and Fix: 54 (48)
Repeal and Replace: 40 (44)

In Democratic districts:
Favor the law: 44 (42)
Goes too far: 44  (46)
Doesn't go far enough: 8 (6)

Here's the guts:
Respondents voted in the 2006 or the 2010 off-year elections and new registrants with a “high intention to vote in 2014.”
85 % white,
5% Latino
5% African-American.
9% were under 30.

This was a sneak peak, so that all I got. But hey, I like it all the same. If the GOP wants to run on repeal, all I can say is, "Proceed, GOP.  Proceed."

Update 1:
I neglected to provide a linkto the source.  
It's a Sam Stein post, previewing a poll due out officially later today.

I wonder if this trend in the polls has anything to do with this?

I predict, however, that my Senator, Ted Cruz, will not be on board with McMorris Rodgers.  ;-)

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