Army fleet support workers holding picket signs outside the Daleville gate to Fort Rucker on Monday said the local union's vote to strike Sunday night was not about money.

IAM Local 2003 voted overwhelmingly to strike Sunday night. The union represents helicopter mechanics and other employees of Army Fleet Support.

The strike began at 12:01 a.m. Monday and workers with IAM Local 2003 dispersed to various entrances to Fort Rucker on Monday morning to begin holding picket signs.

According to local news sources, the Teamsters "have agreed to honor the IAM Local 2003 picket line and not deliver beyond striking workers."

What's at dispute:

Harry Perrigin, the company's associate business director, says management offered a five-year contract with a 1.5 percent raise the first year and 2 percent raises for the remaining years. But union members say the contract fell short in other areas.

Officials say it's the first time the local union has gone on strike in more than three decades.

Military contractor L3 Communications is involved:
IAM Local Lodge 2003, consists of 3,100 members, of which a two-thirds majority voted to reject the contract offer made by L3 Communications.

.... Currently, 2,900 members are on strike and have been picketing in shifts outside Fort Rucker's gates and airfields.

L3 Communications is the parent company of Army Fleet Support, which is a civilian company that provides maintenance support to Fort Rucker's aircraft.

A statement is expected to be released today from IAM representatives.

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