Most Kossacks are aware that Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller differed with Senator Reid on the patriotism of Cliven Bundy and his associates.  "What Sen. Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots," he said.

Now of course, Senator Heller is trying to not have said that.

I consider myself a patriot.  I'm a US Army vet (Honorable, E-5), never been arrested or charged with even a misdemeanor, never took a gummint check other than my Army pay, I vote in every election, I recite the Pledge of Allegiance and I stand up when they play the National Anthem.

If Cliven Bundy is a patriot, then I must be Benedict Arnold, because we share exactly ZERO common views.  So I called Mr. Heller's offices.  All of them, DC, Reno, Las Vegas.  I get free long distance on my cell phone, and I use it.

Join me on the other side, if you care to.

By now Mr. Heller's staffers have heard enough.  Well, THEY think they have.  I don't think they have heard enough yet.

They do not allow you to ask questions, they just start spewing talking points, and do not stop even if you try to interrupt for clarification or just to ask a question.

My basic premise is to ask WHAT ON EARTH has Mr. Bundy done that reflects patriotism?  The staffer tries to deflect, by changing the subject to the BLM's so-called "overreach."  As soon as the staffer has to take a breath, I point out that Mr. Heller wasn't talking about the BLM in his statement, he was referring to a bunch of anarchists who do not recognize the United States as a legitimate government, and he was ADMIRING them.

The staffer tried to tell me that Mr. Heller had changed his opinion about Mr. Bundy based on recent developments.  I point out that Mr. Bundy hasn't changed anything, he has just added to his hateful rhetoric.  What was he saying three weeks ago that suggested patriotism?

In any event, since I don't live in Nevada, the staffers get to cut me off.  I presume a few of us are Mr. Heller's constituents, and I urge you to call and ask what WTF is "patriotic" about stealing from the taxpayers, taking arms against duly constituted authority, and vowing to shoot at that duly constituted authority while hiding behind unarmed women.  Remember, he was talking about people who denounced the government's authority, and vowed armed resistance.

I won't post the phone numbers, but I will post the link to Mr. Heller's contact page.  Have fun.

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