Lets not forget that California has thirty million people, and an economy so large, it could power a nation.

Texas was able to entice Toyota with 40 million. This will probably result in the loss of 3- to 5 thousand jobs.

My question:
Will this move cause any Californians to rethink a future Toyota purchase?  

When corporations move from state to state, they do it to suppress wages, and to collect tax rebates subsides and credits. In the end, this type of race to the bottom competition will only harm the nation.

Toyota sells the Prius line like hotcakes in CA, in Texas, sales are lacking.
Do California residents have an obligation to punish Toyota for their disloyalty?
Does Toyota think by moving to Texas, sales will go up in Texas, and will remain static in CA?

The purchase of a car is no small thing. Every single citizen that makes the decision to boycott Toyota IS a big deal. This isn't the same as choosing a different toilet paper.

The trick is, Toyota needs to know that citizens of California will take their business elsewhere.


If You Live In CA- will you still purchase a Toyota?

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77%168 votes

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