Today President Obama announced that he will begin tackling the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. My own 2-cents is that campus and local law enforcement need to stop turning a blind eye to campus sexual assault just because colleges are big giant money reaping businesses with corporate reputations they need to look after. The cops let any business just do whatever now, so thats how college sexual assault just gets overlooked, or ignored, or covered up. The people who own the colleges, and who work at them, know all of this already.

So, because we don't have a congress anymore, President Obama has to use his somewhat limited executive powers to try to address this issue.

Many advocates for such a crackdown may see the proposals as an inadequate response to a crisis, but the White House is hamstrung about what it can do without congressional action and has just begun its own attack on the issue.
Here is the report the White House released today.

Here is the link to notalone.gov (the new website for enforcement data and other information)

AlJazeera reporting on it:


**Now I feel bad because I wrote earlier today that I thought President Obama acted like a Hawaiian frat boy sometimes because one of his friends called Elizabeth Warren a cheerleader that time. I was just saying that because it can be true sometimes.

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