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Hello Mr. Bundy,
Since the IRS has been told to have no further contact with you, they have retained me to send you this notice on their behalf.

There will be no further attempts to collect the 1.1 million dollars that you owe the citizens of the United States.
There will be no attempt to stop you from continuing to steal free food for your cattle.
Your family members will not be harassed in any way.
All your militia friends will be allowed to roam the fields with their guns and nascar stickers without fear of harassment.

You have won for now Mr. Bundy. We will not kill hundreds of your treasonous friends or their human shields (their wives and daughters) even though America would be a better nation without them.

However ...

We will be monitoring the continued theft, and we will be adding it to what you already owe.
We will also be assessing stiff penalties every year and adding them to what you owe.

When you die your estate will be assessed all back fees and penalties.
The amount you pass on to your children will be reduced by that amount.

You will never have to pay for the millions of dollars you have, and will continue to steal from the citizens of America ... but your kids will.

Congratulations Cliven. Oh, and by the way, be sure to pass this on to them, okay?

(My guess?
His kids will use his ashes to deodorize the cat litter box)

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