Cruel and Unusual. From AP via USA Today:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma prison officials have halted the execution of an inmate after botching the delivery of a new three-drug combination.

An official told the Associated Press that inmate Clayton Lockett died and that all three drugs were administered.

Robert Patton, the director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, halted Lockett's execution about 20 minutes after the first drug was administered. Patton says there was a vein failure.


Vein failure? Try 8th Amendment failure.

Jeffrey Toobin tweeted that the now deceased Clayton Lockett was still mumbling many minutes after the drugs were administered, which prompted the Dept. Of Corrections Director to cancel the executions. Lockett was transported to a hospital, but apparently died of cardiac arrest.

Good God, this event is so nauseating, it makes one embarassed to be an American. Let's hope it spells the end of lethal injections in this country. And maybe a moratorium on all executions. Feh.

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