Google is taking down advertising for right-wing anti-abortion groups after their ads were shown to be deceptive.  These “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” often present themselves as providing abortion services but are really just fronts for anti-abortion propaganda.
Google's action on this is long overdue.  So-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" prey on desperate and/or gullible women, the uninformed, the misinformed, the naive.  

A Google search, for virtually any city, for "abortion clinic" will find various brands of Crisis Pregnancy Centers at the top of the list, usually in the paid ads.  

The typical CPC website is very professionally done and aimed at their initial goal - to get you in the door.  Note that the word du jour for them is now "Center," instead of  "Clinic," because they've been busted so many times for misrepresenting themselves as medical clinics.  

Their initial goal is simply to get you to walk through their door.  Even though the typical ad states, "Complete and accurate information is shared on all your options confidentially, in a supportive, non pressured environment," every sort of psychological manipulation is used, from blatantly false medical information ("abortion causes cancer") to outright guilt tripping and slut shaming.

A 2006 study showed that “87% of federally funded ‘pregnancy resource centers,’ more commonly knows as crisis pregnancy centers, provided false and misleading information” and “grossly exaggerated the medical risks of abortion.”
The firm [Google] has taken a guarded approach to blocking content from its search pages. In this case, however, NARAL was able to demonstrate that the ads directly violated Google's own policies, Hogue said.

Originally posted to Eyesbright on Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 07:23 PM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice.

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