MCDONNELL’S NEW GIG: Rather, do what I say and not what I do, “per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Former Gov. Bob McDonnell has a new title: professor. He is a visiting professor at Liberty University, the Lynchburg-based Christian-education powerhouse with 100,000 students taking courses on campus and online.
Visiting Professor Government? WTF?

Dear god, teaching the fine upstanding young Christians all about government corruption.

I wonder what the syllabus is...

What it means to be a conservative 101

Jesus and greed 101

Lots of gifts 101

Denying 101

Getting indicted 101

Saying sorry 101

Revolving doors 101

Option: Get Rich Quick Schemes 101

Post Grad : Denial

There was I thinking Universities had standards, or has his sins been absolved by the ghost of Jerry Falwell?

Is there still a course Segregation and Apartheid for beginners? Gotta love the founders historical bigotry, a real man of g.....

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