Hello boys and girls, moms and dads, and children of all ages! Welcome to the Sarah Palin wannabe game, where you can make believe that you are actually relevant and have power in this modern society.

At the more recent meeting of the National Riffle Association, half Gov. Sarah Palin mixed and matched her unique view of christianity with the relentless push by the more demented segments of the NRA, the GOP and your fiendly neighborhood TeaBugger Express to arm every single american, even in utero. (so long as you are not liberal, democrat, black, hispanic, agnostic, atheist, muslim, buddhist, humanist, transexual, homosexual, lesbian, thespian, wessleyan, chesnian, arab, french, russian, or belgian)  

Because of of Sarah's most recent words of wisdumb, the Church of Ineffable Stupidity decided to hold a contest. See if you can beat the inanity contained here:

"If I were in charge (insert Jon Stewart's brilliant analysis here) . . . .

they would know that waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists.”

The winner with the best finishing line to "If I were in charge . . . ."
will win one week in sunny Wasilla, where mosquitos frequently carry away small children and large rodents.

The runner up will win two weeks in Wasilla.

The third place whiner will get to spend a day in Peoria, with a free, all expenses paid dinner with Sarah at the local Denny's. (Tax and tip not included)

- - - -

It is nice to see that at least one group has taken offense at Sarah's thoughtless commentary (starting with, "If I were in charge").  Unfortunately, others, such as Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association thinks her comments were spot on.


How do you baptize terra-ists?

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