UPDATE - Seems like more people would be able to make June 14th, so that's the new date.  

I'm tentatively thinking about Saturday, June 7th June 14th, 12pm at Cranberry's Gourmet Cafe in Cranbury, NJ.  They're fairly close to NJ Turnpike Exit 8A, so hopefully it will be convenient to both North & South Jersey folks.  The menu covers a variety of things from Burgers/Sandwiches to Pizza to Breakfast to Salads to Baked Goods.  

Philly Kos / NY Kos / Other Visiting Kossacks are also welcome to attend!  Let me know in the comments if will be able to make it, as I'll want to call in advance to reserve space.  If the time or place turns out not to be convenient for anyone, then I'll look at rescheduling, but hopefully this is far enough in advance that everyone can work it out.

So, will we see you there?  

Location:  Cranberry's Gourmet Cafe
Time:  12pm
Date:  Saturday, June 14
1. Avilyn
2.  belinda ridgewood
3. zitherhamster
4. avamontez

1. Trosk
2. profewalt

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Originally posted to New Jersey Kossacks on Wed May 07, 2014 at 07:15 AM PDT.

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