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You may recall that the Wisconsin Republican Party is preparing to have a vote this weekend on whether or not Wisconsin has the right to secede from the Union. This is because a resolution to that effect made it up the chain of the Wisconsin Republican Party, passing each necessary hurdle to be considered at the party's state convention, and so there will actually, factually be a resolution presented to conventioneers so that they can affirm that even though Wisconsin is not really looking to secede from the Union, that is totally something Wisconsin could do and old Abe Lincoln is dead so who's going to stop us, or somesuch.

At every step of the way, people in the Wisconsin Republican Party who still want to feign some semblance of sanity have distanced themselves from this extraordinarily stupid idea, and yet it keeps making it through the Next Step of being something that the Wisconsin Republican Party thinks should be a party resolution. So no matter how chagrined they seem by their arrangement of a vote on whether or not the Wisconsin Republican Party endorses the idea of Wisconsin possibly seceding from the Union, they're still going to vote on it. So you keep on with the protestations of not being batshit crazy, fellas, and put some feeling into it:

“This has been totally blown out of proportion,” said Michael Murphy, vice chairman of the 4th District Republican Party and a former chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a Ron Paul-affiliated outlet. “This is one sentence in one resolution out of 23 that were passed, it is one tag line out of a larger resolution discussing state sovereignty. At no point are we going to the convention and debate that we want to secede from the union, even though some paint that as the case.”

To be clear, the text of the resolution reads, in full, “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we strongly insist our state representatives work to uphold Wisconsin’s 10th Amendment rights, and our right to secede, passing legislation affirming this to the US Federal Government.” [...]

Wisconsin Republicans say they are not exactly sure how the resolution got through the caucus to begin with. “It was stuck in there by somebody, and nobody seems to know who,” said [Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty chair Todd Welch].

It is a mystery. How do these things keep happening.

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