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I am sorry to have to subject people to this but I have been accused of ramping up my arguing lately so I will explain. The republicans may take the senate and the house and this seriously pisses me off. Mostly because I am female and poor and if republicans gain control again I am up shits creek without a paddle. Therefore i am really sick and tired of the people on here doing nothing but bashing democrats and Obama and getting pissed and accusing me of being an Obama worshiper when I point their behavior out. We got mclutcheon because of the republicans on the Supreme Court and you guys on the supposed sux side don't give a crap about it. Don't get pissy at me about it because I didn't create rox/sux and don't know who did. However people bashing Obama and the Dems constantly does nothing to help more progressive get elected. It just splits our party further and makes us look bad to outsiders. And repeating lies about the democratic congress and president doing nothing good simply furthers this stupid republican meme that both sides are the same. They aren't and I will continue to defend them when I have to. Furthermore people are not going to vote for a party that they believe has no interest in them and is the same as republicans. If you want to keep making these claims do not blame me when it turns out badly.

Edit 2:24 pm, made a mistake. Did not mean to write that I was sick of people bashing democrats and republicans. Corrected.

Originally posted to freakofsociety on Sat May 03, 2014 at 07:01 AM PDT.

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