If you happen not to know the musical Avenue Q, it contains one song titled "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist".  Hence the idea for this SNLC, besides the fact that nothing else came to 3CM's minimal mind.  Of course, the poll below is the essence of this edition.  More (well, not really) below the flip.....

Speaking of the poll question, on the surface, it might seem easier to argue that Donald Sterling is the bigger loser, because he's a bigger fish than Cliven Bundy, i.e. big-time uber-wealthy sports team owner vs. small-time (and small-minded) rancher.  Yet one can argue that Bundy is the more dangerous racist loser of the two, since his hostility towards government, which is what made him famous, are more publicly prevalent among too many of our fellow citizens than the crude out-of-dateness of Sterling's views on race on that audio recording (expressed in a private setting, BTW).  You've all seen the NYT column from Paul Krugman where he opens:

"It is, in a way, too bad that Cliven Bundy - the rancher who became a right-wing hero after refusing to pay fees for grazing his animals on federal land, and bringing in armed men to support his defiance - has turned out to be a crude racist. Why? Because his ranting has given conservatives an easy out, a way to dissociate themselves from his actions without facing up to the terrible wrong turn their movement has taken."
In other words, Bundy is far from alone in his thoughts.  Neither is Sterling, but the only people who would express public support for Sterling's thoughts on race would be racists themselves.  With Bundy, public expression of that kind of anti-tax/government sentiment is too common, and destructive, against the idea of a civil society where we all pay our share for the common good and common services.  It's much more politically correct to be in accord with Bundy's anti-tax views than it is to be in tune with Sterling's racism.

BTW, speaking of the opening sentence of this SNLC and it's nominal theme:

So have fun with the poll, if so inclined.  I'm actually not here at the time of this posting (yup, yet another autobot posting from 3CM the loser), but FWIW, some hints as to where 3CM is at this moment may be found here and here.  With that, feel free to observe the standard SNLC protocol, namely your loser stories of the week......


Biggest racist loser? (recent & in public, that is)

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