Welcome to the first Moondai of May!  It's getting greener in these parts, the birds and the bees are doing their thing, and it seems the whole world is springing to life, again.
Pull up a seat, spend some time with us, and let the Monday stresses just sort of roll off into the ether.

butterfly blues photo khy_zps78326dad.jpg

But first, a gentle reminder of how we do things here:

1. Be nice to each other.
2. No trolling the diary; we deal harshly with trolls if pushed.
3. If you hate pootie diaries, leave now...no harm, no foul.
4. Share any and all pootie/woozle photos or issues that you would like. When it comes to problems, we may just have someone with experience who can help.
5. Whatever happens in the outer blog STAYS in the outer blog. This is a place to relax and play...please treat it accordingly.
6. There is no such thing as stealing a photo around here.
I'll be your No Drama Mama for the day.  Play nice, don't forget to tip your server, and do come again.

I found some pretty cool pics this week, if I do say so myself!  These are offered without comment, 'cause there is really nothing I can say to improve upon them....from the gorgeous to the silly to the "huh??"....just enjoy!

 photo d4e67832.jpg

 photo 1333475796_puppy_rocking_on_its_back_zps4a75b4aa-1.gif

 photo tumblr_n3cwynzLYu1sinx37o1_5001_zpse573c316-1.jpg

cute animals photo: cute animals kitten-bunny_1250034i.jpg

cute animals photo: Funny Animals, Cat,  Cute Animals, Lol, Cute Animals, Keefers TeeHee-1.jpg

cute animals photo: Funny Animals, Lol Animals bebida019-1.jpg

cute animals photo: Funny Animals, Dog, Cats, Cute animals, Keefers Igotyanow.jpg

cute animals photo: Funny Animals, Lol Animals, Cute Animals,  Keefers Image-14.jpg

funny dogs photo:  funny-dog-pictures-looking-at.jpg

funny dogs photo: funny kitten roflbot14.jpg

Thrilling. photo Thrilling_zps15f3e7ad.jpg

Don't get into the peanut butter! photo dontgetintothepeanutbutter_zps8725040a.jpg

i waited for you photo Iwaitedforyou_zps4d2644e9.jpg

well laa-dee-frickin-daa photo laadeefrikinda_zps191601e6.jpg

 photo burnedwater_zps2830591f.jpg

what's wrong with you? photo srslywiwwy_zps81e4d0ff.jpg

Monday? Again? WTF? photo MondayagainWTF_zpscb1c0490.jpg

Kegger!!!!! photo Kegger_zps4b64ba8d.jpg

Have a great week, kids.  Enjoy the Spring...and remember..."Some is good.  More is better.  Too much is juuuuust right!"
Share the good stuff; ignore the bad stuff.
scritchies, snorffles, smooochies, and purrs~~~
Marti and HisLordshipOfSnooze

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