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This week's guests-

The Daily Show

* Monday 5/5: Mariano Rivera
* Tuesday 5/6: Peter Schuck
* Wednesday 5/7: Seth Rogen
* Thursday 5/8: Katie Couric

The Colbert Report

* Monday 5/5: Edward O. Wilson
* Tuesday 5/6: Bette Midler
* Wednesday 5/7: David Remnick
* Thursday 5/8: Ellen Page

Cinco de Mayo

Reprinted from The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma

The name simply means "The Fifth of May" and it's an oddly U.S. American holiday.

Except in the State of Puebla they don't much celebrate the victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico which makes it much more like Patriot's Day that we here in New England get to celebrate almost every year as an extra filing day (I understand there's also a foot race in Boston).

Interestingly enough it was a stand up fight against the banksters which they lost (those who do not remember history...).  Some people say that the French intervention was intended to establish a supply line to aid the Slave Owner's Rebellion (or as the more charitable put it, The War of the Rebellion).

Not Congressionally recognized until 2005, celebrations started in California as early as the mid 1860s and for over 100 years were most common in Southwestern States with a large population of people of Mexican descent.  Now of course it's just another excuse to over consume the cheap crappy Tequila and Beer that Mexico exports (don't get me wrong, there are good Mexican Beers and Tequila but Corona, Dos Equis, and Jose Cuervo are not them) and ignore real, actual factual Mexican history because we're so fucking exceptional that understanding and caring about the countries we border is as beneath us as even knowing which ones they are.

Just don't mistake it for Grito de Dolores.

Hope you had your money on the Trifecta- California Chrome, Commanding Curve, and Danza.

Mariano Rivera is, well, Mariano Rivera.  The.  Best.  Relief.  Pitcher.  Ever.

I suspect he will talk about Baseball.

Edward O. Wilson is the world's leading authority on ants which have more species than any other insect except beetles and who's biomass outweighs that of all mammals put together by about 2 or 3 to 1.

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