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The title is for books where someone sets up a deed and exults when it works.  Perhaps it is a trap to catch a guilty party or perhaps it is a nefarious plot to do harm.  But tonight, there is a double meaning.  My surgery to replace my left knee is done and I am home.

The surgeon told hubby that my knee was more torn up inside than they could tell by the x-rays.  I had a spinal and twilight drugs, but I could hear voices and music and sounds like an auto shop.  My brain said, “Oh, that banging is them putting in my knee.”  But I didn’t feel anything.

The people who cared for me at the hospital were excellent and supportive, but I am still glad to be home and make my own schedule and have my own food.

I have to admit that jessical called the tune right the other night because I never read a single book.  I napped as I could between the walks and physical therapy and many, many visits of nurses.  

I did read a couple of my small books before I went, but I have not read anything at home, yet.  I still very tired and the Physical Therapy exercises take all my time and energy.  The therapist is coming to the house three times a week for three weeks and then I will have to go somewhere with machines, I think.

I do the exercises two times a day and they are going to add more to the list.  Right now, there is only one that is really, really painful, but I grit my teeth and do it.  I can bend my knee to 109 degrees so far.  The goal is 115.  

I really appreciated all your support and encouragement in the comments and many thanks to Emmet for doing a great job last week as my sub.  

So, tonight, not a theme exactly, though you may think of stories like Macbeth where the deed is done as the owl calls.  I will call it an open thread, though it always is that really.

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