If the phrase the heartbreak...means nothing to you its because you are way too young to remember the old television add for some shampoo.

Anyway I have Psoriasis (a skin disease of the autoimmune kind, like allergies or asthma).

So bottom line preexisting condition. There are a variety of treatments, you may have even seen some  TV commercials for a couple of them. These are known as the "biologicals" and of course they warn you of the potentially organ failure side effects. So I'm not real keen to try those out.

A far more common treatment is to apply a variety of steroidal based creams/ointments/oils etc. Which I have been doing most of my life.

Something over a decade ago I began getting Ultra Violet B treatments first by my Dermatologist and later I purchased with a doctor's prescription my own U.V.B. booth. It cost a few thousand, but was well worth it as it cleared up about 80% of my symptoms (medical term is plaque).

But that final 20% mostly located on my shins and scalp (where my hair covers it from ever getting the light) just wouldn't go away.

So earlier this year I heard about this fairly new treatment protocol using a laser system commercially branded as XTRAC.

So my beloved wife found a dermatologist a short distance away that was offering this treatment. Good news everyone!

A very caring and most competent Physicians Assistant named Natalie crawls all over me looking for plaques and zapping them with her laser twice a week even through my hair on my scalp! (my scalp is so much better than it has been in years!)

Of course it takes her quite a few minutes and there is the laser so I have to pay for this of course, $150 per treatment twice a week.

Back in April a week or so before the deadline to buy insurance on the federal government health insurance exchange I purchased a silver care level of insurance plan from some unknown to me insurance company (Coventry, if you want to know).

I qualified for premium support so my out of pocket monthly premium is about $61 (this plan covers both me and my spouse). The insurance company only sent me my card two weeks ago, though they had me pay back when I signed up in early April. And they dipped into my checking account a few days ago, so this wing-nuttia of "no one is paying their premiums" is really so stupid.

Anyway this is getting a bit long so today I had another treatment my death-panel laden, insurance premium not paying and death-spiral health care paid for $100 of my treatment at last!

And according to the office at the doctors will continue to pay for another 13 treatments and then the office will re-authorize more  treatments on my behalf with me doing nothing to help.

So I have paid in about a $120 (for health insurance) so far and as of Monday I will be saving money out of pocket getting my uninsurable pre-existing condition insured!

So if any one questions does the A.C.A. work, feel free to point them to this post.

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