Received this e-mail today from State Senator Vincent Sheheen's (D. SC) gubernatorial campaign:
I just had to share: a recently released survey ranked South Carolina one of the WORST states for working moms. In fact, we were ranked 5th worst in the country.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, the moms of South Carolina deserve better! They deserve a state where they can work, raise a family, and find affordable childcare. Under the Nikki Haley administration, women are still making less than men and we’ve seen cuts to vital programs our families rely on.

My friend Vincent Sheheen, however, has spoken about the need for equal pay for equal work. He has worked to help women create their own businesses by removing barriers to entrepreneurs, and he is fighting to strengthen laws to prevent domestic violence.

If you agree that we need a governor who will do better for our working moms, add your name to this petition before Mother’s Day >>


It’s time for new leadership in South Carolina. All moms, their families, and friends, deserve a leader who will make this state a place where working women are able to succeed, not a place where the deck is stacked against them and we once again have a harder time than anywhere else in the country.

We can do better and we must. It’s time for new leadership. We deserve it. If you agree, make sure to add your name to our online petition.



Terry Bergeron

Women for Sheheen

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