I'm not talking about a political party but a real one and I'm one of the hosts.

The cause is money out of politics. I believe this issue is gaining  momentum and it lies below every cause and issue I care about; single payer, minimum wage, inequality, banks to large to fail, Glass-Steagall restoration, fracking, climate change, reducing the military budget, forign intervention (oil industry and Iraq?), etc.

I'm associated with organizations like Money Out Voters In (MOVI) and political campaigns like Marianne Williamson for US Congress (her #1 issue is money out of politics).

Along the way I met the incredibly smart and committed young people behind 99 Rise organizing an event (adventure I call it) that IMO can be very symbolic, game changing and even historical. The March for Democracy.

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Once you think about it, it sounds a bit crazy.  Starting on May 17 in LA City Hall (South Lawn) this group of idealistic and totally dedicated activists will march all the way to the Sacramento capitol to highlight the need for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon. One of their leaders is Kai Newkirk, who I believe will go very far in life.  Kai is the guy who spoke and got arrested at the SCOTUS about a month ago. He spoke (and was taped!) against those two immoral desicions.

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A group of 10 is commited to march all the way (about 480 miles), me and many others will march a few segments.  The 1st day from LA City Hall to Burbank City Hall and the last stretches to Sacramento. But we need all the support we can get along the route. Everything from food and water, sleeping accommodations, local transportation and just moral support along the way.

So please go to the March for Democracy web site, and volunteer in some capacity or just "like" the Facebook page.

See if you can make it for the starting event in LA City Hall on Saturday May 17 at 10AM.

If you live in greater Los Angeles, you are invited to a fun party we throw this Saturday May 10that the Center for the Working Poor near downtown from 4 to 8PM.  It's an art party.  I'll be there.  If you plan to go send me a Kosmail.

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